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Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice

Volume 9

Table of Contents
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“Ipsum Est Omnia in Omnibus”: Matěj of Janov and the Redemption of Corporeal Man According to Regulae veteris et novi testamenti V:8
Ole Fredrik Kullerud (Oslo)


Prague Nominalist Master John Arsen of Langenfeld and his quaestio on Ideas from Around 1394/1399*
Martin Dekarli (Prague and Erfurt)


Wyclif, the “Hussite Philosophy,” and the Law of Christ
Stephen Lahey (Lincoln, Nebraska)


Scutum fidei christianae: The Depiction and Explanation of the Shield of Faith in the Realistic Teaching of Jerome of Prague in the Context of His Interpretation of the Trinity
Ota Pavlíček (Prague and Paris)


Augustinian Prior Oswald Reinlein: A Biography of an Anti-Hussite Preacher*
Pavel Soukup (Prague)


The Place of Children in Utraquist Liturgical Song
David R. Holeton (Prague)


Iron and Fire: The Vehicles of Memory in Fifteenth-Century Bohemia
Phillip Haberkern


Jan Hus in Medieval Czech Hagiography
Thomas Fudge (Armidale, Australia)


Biblical Pericopes for the Feast of Jan Hus 
Ota Halama (Prague)


The Constants of Spirituality and Ecclesiastical Politics in the Family of the Bohemian King George of Poděbrady, and of the Princes of Münsterberg*
Petr Hlaváček (Prague)


Nationalism and Universalism in Ecclesiology: Utraquists and Anglicans in the Later Sixteenth Century
Zdeněk V. David (Washington, D.C.)


Witnesses of a New Liturgical Practice: the Ordines missae of Three Utraquist Manuscripts*
Pavel Kolář (Prague)


The Net of the Church: Inscriptions on the Keystones of the Choir Vault of St. Barbara in Kutná Hora*
Milena Bartlová (Prague)


A Little Known Utraquist Gradual in the British Library in London
Martina Šárovcová (Prague)


Ecclesiology of Reformation Churches in Relationship to an Individual’s Church Affiliation **
Pavel Kůrka (Prague)


“Že sou ti mezi jinými nejpravější” [That They Are the Most Righteous Ones among the Others]: Confessional rapprochement at the Diet of 1575 as portrayed in the Diarium of the Bohemian Brethren
James R. Palmitessa (Kalamazoo, Michigan)


Denominational Identity as Seen from the Structure and Content  of Bohemian Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Kancionáls
Eliška Baťová (Prague)


“To make use of the enormous positive and actual potential of the Hussite Movement.”: The role of the Bohemian Reformation in relations between the Czech Protestants and the Communist Regime
Peter Morée (Prague)

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*Translation from Czech by Zdenek V. David
** Translation from Czech by Jan Volek