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Citing BRRP articles

Citing BRRP Articles
These sample forms of bibliographical citation are offered to indicate the type of information to include in citing the full-text articles on this website. They should of course be adapted to fit whatever style manual is being followed.

Although the pagination is the same for the electronic full-text versions as the printed versions, most bibliographers and the BRRP editors strongly recommend the citation of the website itself to make it easier for interested readers to locate the article.
Please remember these two important issues when citing any of the articles from BRRP volumes.
  1. All papers written in Czech have been translated into English for publication. This fact is noted at the very end of the relevant articles in print and electronic forms as well as by an * on the website’s versions of the tables of contents. It should also be noted in any citation. All other papers appear in their original languages.
  2. The tables of contents on the website (in HTML format) do not always reproduce the Czech characters correctly. For titles and authors’ names, please rely on the full-text version (in Adobe PDF format) for the correct renderings of both.

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