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Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice

Volume 5, Part II

Table of Contents

Table of Abbreviations   253
Conflict, Tolerance, Representation, and Competition:
A Confessional Profile of Bohemian Late Gothic Art

Milena Bartlová (Brno)
Die Kunst der Spätgotik und der Hussitismus
- Einige Forschungsprobleme

Jakub Kostowski (Wroclaw)
Depiction of the Last Supper under Utraquism*
Milena Bílková (Prague)
The Mining Town of Jáchymov: Reformation and Art*
Jan Royt (Prague)
Bohemian Utraquists’ Repertory of Proper Tropes*
Prague Hana Vlhová-Wörner (Berlin and Prague)
The Integrity of the Utraquist Church and the Problem of Neo-Utraquism
Zdenek V. David (Washington, D.C.)
(Self-)Administration of Prague Parishes in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries*
Pavel B. Kurka (Prague)

The Knights of the Cross with the Red Star and the Renewal of Ecclesiastical Property in the Pre-White Mountain Age
James R. Palmitessa (Kalamazoo, Michigan)


A Sixteenth-Century Monument of Brethren Theology*
Martin Wernisch (Prague)

Fynes Moryson’s Itinerary: A Sixteenth Century English Traveller’s Observations on Bohemia, its Reformation, and its Liturgy
David R. Holeton (Prague)
The Utraquist Decorations of the Mráz House in Litomerice*
Zuzana Všetecková (Prague)
“As Gold is Purified by Fire”: Comenius’ Understanding
of the History of the Unitas Fratrum

Daniel Neval ( 2005)
Index   443

*Translation from Czech by Zdenek V. David