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Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice

Volume 10

Table of Contents
(printed Table of Contents)

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The Work and Person of Jan Hus


Sermones de pace*
Jana Nechutová (Brno)


“The Knowledge and Eloquence of the Priest is a Gift from God.”
The Homiletic Self-Promotion of Jan Hus

Reid S. Weber (Fitchburg, MA)


The Law of Christ (Lex Christi) and the Law of God (Lex Dei) – Jan Hus’s Concept of Reform
Martin Dekarli (Vienna and Prague)


Jan Hus’s Friends and Opponents


“Ipsa dicit, quod sic est, ergo verum.”
Authority of Scripture, the Use and Sources of Biblical Citations in the Work of Jerome of Prague
Ota Pavlíček (Prague)


Konrad Konhofer († 1452) as an Opponent of Jan Hus and the Bohemian Reformation
Petr Hlaváček (Prague)


Hus as an Apocalyptical Enemy in the Treatise of Master Rupert
Vít Hlinka (Prague)


The Role of Michael de Causis in the Prosecution of Jan Hus

Thomas Fudge (Armidale, NSW)



Bohemian Reformation and Hussite Revolution


The Ideal of the Primitive Church in the Early Bohemian Reformation*
Dan Török (Prague)


Spreading Faith and Vengeance: Human Agency and the “Offensive Shift” in the Hussite Discourses on Warfare

Martin Pjecha (Budapest)



Liturgy, Music and Art History


Musical Culture of Prague Lutherans During the Pre-White Mountain Era*
Jan Baťa (Prague)


A Neglected Source of Utraquist Chant from the Poděbradian Period

Eliška Baťová (Prague)


The Canon missae in the Rule of Ecclesiastical Services of Tobiáš Závorka Lipenský, and Its Source

Pavel Kolář (Prague)


The Execution of the Miners of Kutná Hora at Poděbrady and in Křivoklát in 1496. On the Veneration of the Miners of Poděbrady in the Sixteenth Century
Martina Šárovcová (Prague)


The Utraquist Sanctoral in Sixteenth-Century Czech-Language Graduals
Jiří Žůrek (Prague)



Utraquism in Bohemia and Abroad


Mikuláš Konáč of Hodiškov as a Conservative Utraquist
Ota Halama (Prague)


“His excellent sentences were received as so many expressions of treason”

To what extent did Hus, or the idea of Hussitism, exert an influence in England after his execution in 1415?

Fergus Butler‑Gallie (Oxford)


Utraquism and Sixteenth-Century Anglicanism, an Imperfect Parallel: Bydžovský on Erastianism

Zdeněk V. David (Washington D.C.)


L’épilogue hussite au concile de Trente? Quelques remarques sur les positions des théologiens tridentins au sujet du calice et de l’union de la Bohême

Nicolas Richard (Paris)



The Memory of Jan Hus

Inventing Rituals to Commemorate Jan Hus Between 1865 and 1965
Peter Morée (Prague)

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*Translation from Czech by Zdenek V. David