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Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice

Volume 11

Table of Contents
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Introduction by Pavlína Rychterová (Vienna)


The Person and Work of Jan Hus


To Go, Stay, Tarry, and Return
Jan Hus and the Pan-European Authority of the Safe Conduct

Lisa S. Scott (Chicago)


“Non sedit super equum fervidum, sed super asinam” Concerning One of Jan Hus’s Antitheses in His Czech Postilla*
Lucie Mazalová (Brno)


Queritur, utrum homo possit dici vere felix in hac vita
Quaestio de vera felicitate of Jan Hus in the Context of the Debates at Prague University in the Late Middle Ages (1366–1417)
Martin Dekarli (Hradec Králové and Vienna)


Bohemian Reformation and Inquisition


Táborite Apocalyptic Violence and its Intellectual Inspirations (1410–1415)
Martin Pjecha (Prague)


Heinrich Institoris (d. 1505)
The Papal Inquisition versus the Bohemian Reformation
Petr Hlaváček (Prague)




The Feast of Corpus Christi and Its Changes in Late Utraquism*
Pavel Kolář


Jan Hus, the “Heir of the Bohemian Land” According to Sixteenth-Century Czech Utraquist Graduals: Hus’s Mass Office
Jiří Žůrek (Prague)


Utraquism and Reformation


Religious Contacts with England during the Bohemian Reformation
Zdeněk V. David (Washington, DC)


The Concept of Original Sin in the Cultural and Social Context of Late Utraquism and the Reformation
Radim Červenka (Olomouc)


The Hussite Background to the Sixteenth-Century Eucharistic Controversy

Amy Nelson Burnett (Lincoln, Nebraska)


Was the Bohemian Reformation a Failure?

Phillip N. Haberkern (Boston)


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*Translation from Czech by Zdenek V. David